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October 13, 2007
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Bleach: White Tensa Zangetsu by chioky Bleach: White Tensa Zangetsu by chioky
Hollow Ichigo: White Tensa Zangetsu (Heavenly Chains Moon Cutter) [link]

:bulletblue: Blade Length: 50 inches
:bulletblue: Handle Length: 15 inches
:bulletblue: Chain Length: 10 inches
:bulletblue: Total Length: 65 inches

This sword is handmade with no power tools (except a drill) out of strip pine wood and its full tang. My original plan was to remake my first tensa zangetsu becuase on close inspection it looked poorly made. However when i saw Hollow Ichigo's white tensa zangetsu I thought "wait thats a white tensa zangetsu, I could have both the black and white one O.O".

Firstly I did the stuff I couldnt do before, I made the blade curved. Cutting the curve was hard making it smooth even harder. The next I add the outside rim details in the guard. I used alot of balsa wood to try and all the details proportional. I got this chain which was the right size and was already white AND was plastic. So with a plastic chain it wont wrap my knuckles and I could hot glue gun half a chain link to the end.

The Bleach Sword Collection:

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The Swordmaking Tutorials:

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:target: Part 5 (Sharpening the Sword): [link]
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:target: Part 8 (Constructing the Sword): [link]
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Ichigoslover101 Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh kind sir I love your wood work! :iconinloveplz: I wish to hopefully be as good as you one day! :iconbowdownplz:
chioky Feb 7, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
give it a year or two and you can
Ichigoslover101 Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The sword I gotta say is fabulous just one thing I want to ask. The blade part is a little wave on the sharp edge and when you look it from the hilt and look down the blade it waves some more. I'm guessing either it was how the wood was or the clamps were a little too tight. But other than that small detail the sword it great. Another question I have is do you make sheaths for the swords?
OMG! I love this sword (and Hollow Ichigo <3) great job
chioky Jan 24, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
it's an oldie but a goldie
is it for sale?
chioky Dec 11, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
nope not really
xioara09 Mar 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i looked through all of your swords, and i have to say they're all amazing! it must have been a lot of work. i would have commented on all of them, but i didn't want to spam your messages :D
chioky Mar 23, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
why thank you for being considerate
xioara09 Mar 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you're very welcome :)
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