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June 10, 2007
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Swordmaking Guide: Part 1 by chioky Swordmaking Guide: Part 1 by chioky
Swordmaking Guide: Part 1 (Tools and Equipment)

Part 2 (Planning and Cutting): [link]
Part 3 (Sanding and Painting): [link]
Part 4 (Fixing and Handle Wrapping): [link]

I would use these updated swordmaking tutorials instead:

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For popular demand im going to write a guide with pictures on how to make your own wooden sword ^^. Many people say they can't do it but after this guide everybody should be makign swords XD. The guide will be broken up into a number of parts.

First part is Tools and Equipment all the stuff you need to make your sword what better way to start the guide! I have numbered the pictures to the tools and equipment and I will explain each one. Lets begin:

Item 1: This is your tool bench or workstation this is what you will be building your sword on. You can have a floor tool bench or a desk tool bench. This will also serve as your main vice with the clamps holding your sword still while you work on it.

Item 2: The coping saw it will be your most used tool treat it with care. The coping saw will be cutting out everything of the sword that the hacksaw cant do like curves. Try to cut at a 90 degree angle and carefully. If you saw too fast the blade will heat up due to friction then warp and then eventually snap. To avoid this take breaks when sawing.

Item 3: The Hacksaw this is the tool you will be using to saw straight lines on the sword. The coping saw does a terrible job at sawing straight the strong, rigid structure of the hacksaw makes sawing straight easy. However there is a limit how much it can saw straight becuase of the bar, so use the coping saw to continue carefully.

Item 4: The tape measure has the shortest job but one of the most important. This will accurately measure the lenghs and widths of the sword on the wood before you start doing anything.

Item 5: The stationary do i need to explain? The pencil is for drawing down the outlines of the sword, the rubber is for rubbing out any mistakes. Finnaly you will need a ruler for straight lines an accurate ruler prefered.

Item 6: Now in my garage i have no clock and i would like to know how long im doing somthing to the sword for. So I suggest if you dont have a clock bring one or a watch but a watch bothers my wrist when sawing. Also my closk special it tells me the hour every hour XD

Item 7: The electronic drill without it you cannot make holes sure you can do it by hand but nah... This should be the only machinery you need its just drilling holes which are needed for the handles you also need a counter punch and a variety of different drill bits.

Item 8: Fingerless gloves I always wear this when working. Without gloves your hands are unprotected from all the sharp objects making you prone to more injuries. So wearing these gloves will protect you also giving you better grip.

Item 9: Now I cant do any activity without listening to music. When your sanding the blade of the sword for hours its going to be very boring. So I suggest bringing a MP3, IPod or a stereo to relive bordem and keep you concentrated. It also helps reduce loud noises from drilling, sanding and sawing.

Item 10: Sandpaper is needed to smooth down rough edges of your sword. You can have different abrasiveness but i just ussualy use one type and limit the amount of strength I put into sanding.

Item 11: Sanding requires files you can use a sander but what the hell. The file on the left is the most course file. This should be used first to sand down the blade of the sword to make a depth. The file on the right is a smooth file this is for sanding out the blade to a point after the course file. The files in the middle are for everything else that the sword needs sanding.

Item 12: Screwdrivers you might need both types. The screwdrivers will of course be used for screwing in the scews into the handle of the sword. For the screw head to go in you will need a counterpunch.

Item 13: Wood filler and Wood glue aren't used for all swords only some. The wood filler is used to fill any gaps you left on the sword make sure to smooth it out when it starts to dry. The wood glue just glues wood to wood make sure to wipe excess glue.

Item 14: Spray paint of all different colours. You spray all the parts of the sword BEFORE you start attaching all the pieces together. This makes spraypainting easy also make sure to do it in a ventilated area. Make sure to give the sword several coats of paint one side at a time to avoid drips. Also the sword should be suspended and small parts on resistent wood like pieces of laminated flooring.

Item 15: Electrical tape of all different colours. You will be using this last to wrap the handle of the sword. I cant sword wrap with fabric for crap so i have to resort to electrical tape it's so much easier in my opinion

Item 16: You might need small vices when clamping the handle parts together when drilling and screwing in the screws. However dont tigthten too hard or you will dent the wood.

Item 17: Safety comes first thats why you have mask and goggles. When your sanding you might need goggles to avoid wood dust in your eyes unless you wear glasses. The paint mask is for the spray paint If your not in a ventilated area use it so you wont enhale the gas.

Item 18: Finnaly you have the first aid kit. If your starting out swordmaking don't be suprised when your running for this when your bleeding so put it in a nearby place.
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woohoo awesome thanks man now i can fulfill one of my dreams
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and fufil it you will
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chioky, dind know peopple did wooden sword, im from Puerto Rico, and im doing it 2! i have 1 buster sword, 1 lancesword, 3 diferent lance type and one crapi first sword. I and my team start 2 month ago, and we have like 15 more items in the prosses of making them.
Kirtash80 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Thanks for your tutorials Chioky <3
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Can you send me a Link where i can buy 1. pls? I'm to dumb to find something like this with german translate D: Or just say me the name from it ? :(
chioky Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
I am having trouble understanding your question
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Sry ma english sucks. Can you send me a Link where i can buy Tool 1. dont know what floor tool bench means in german. I just find other things but nothig like this. gomen for bad english :'(
ASizzle21 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Student

Do you think the katana would work if the piece of wood i use for the katana is 2cm thick
chioky Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
hell no, not 2cm thick
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