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February 12, 2009
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The Manga Tsuba Designs: Pt 6 by chioky The Manga Tsuba Designs: Pt 6 by chioky
:star: The Manga Tsuba Index

The purpose of these drawings is to help swordmakers and propmakers. When it comes to making katana's or zanpakuto's most of the time the tsuba is the most unique part of the sword. It is the part of the katana which has most of design. So I drew up these closely detailed and accurate measurements of these tsuba's. With these tsuba's they act as a reference when your going to attempt to make the sword. If you use a scene from a anime or manga to make use reference for your tsuba, it might be flawed. So I have saved you the trouble and drawn them all out clearly, with measurements so you can print and cut them out.

:bulletblue: D.Gray-man - Mugen: Belonging to the Excorcist "Yu Kanda" his anti-akuma weapon is Mugen literally "Six Illusions", a sleek chokuto type sword, and is able to unleash several techniques dubbed "illusions". The original sword was destroyed in a fight against the noah family. However after things had finnally settled down at the Black Order they were finnally able to build Kanda a brand new mugen. However this sword looks alot more generic and boring and still the previous one looked better because it matched his clothes a whole lot better aswell.

:bulletblue: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - Ginryu: The sword that Kurogane uses, a ninja from feudal Japan. He is one of the companions of Syaoran on the search for the princesses feathers. In the begginning Kurogane had to agree to give up the sword to the Dimension Witch Yuko Ichihara in exchange of an equal trade, but asserts that he will come back for it someday. The sword Ginryu is actually a sacred family heirloom that belongs to the kurogane family. It was previously owned by his father who was the lord of the province and a great warrior. Not until late at the end of the manga does he attain it again.

:bulletblue: Important Notes:

. ALL these guards slide into swords with a thicnkess of 5 mm and 30 mm long, there are some exceptions.
.The parrallel lines are the rims of the guards that you cut out of balsa wood and glue onto the main guard.
.Download the full version, then copy and paste it, print it off then cut it out with scissors.
.Once it the paper tsuba is cut out, then draw around it with a pencil on the wood, then cut it out to finish.

:star: One Piece - Wado Ichimonji and One Piece - Sandai Kitetsu [link]
:star: One Piece - Yubashiri and One Piece - Shuusui [link]
:star: Blood+ - Saya's Sword and Blood+ - Saya's Katana [link]
:star: Claymore - "THE" Claymore and Fate/Stay Night - Caliburn [link]
:star: High School of the Dead - Murata-to and My-Hime - Miroku [link]
:star: D.Gray-man - Mugen and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - Ginryu [link]
:star: Gurren Lagann - Kamina's Katana and Samurai Deeper Kyo - Tenro [link]
:star: InuYasha - Tetsusaiga and Rurouni Kenshin - sakabato [link]
:star: Samurai Champloo - Z Eyes Katana and Samurai Champloo - Typhoon Swell [link]
:star: Shakugan no Shana - Nietono no Shana and Shamen King - Harusame [link]
:star: YuYu Hakusho - Hiei's sword and Afro Samurai - Afro Samurai Sword [link]
:star: Bakumatsu Kikansetsu - Getsuruito and Bastard! - Gara's Sword [link]
:star: Kyo Kara Maoh! - Morgif and Code: Breaker - Izunenok Amikanesada [link]
:star: One Piece - Shigure and One Piece - Shinryu's Katana [link]
:star: Reborn! - Yamamoto's Katana and Black Blood Brothers - Jirou's katana [link]
:star: Soul Eater - Tsubaki and Soul Eater - Mifune's Katana [link]
:star: Dragon Ball Z - Trunks sword and Dragon Ball Z - Dabura's Sword [link]
:star: Fate/Stay Night - Excalibur and Fate/Stay Night - Durendal [link]
:star: Vagabond - Musashi's Katana and Vagabond - Kojiro's Katana [link]
:star: Sword of the S. - Nanashi's Katana and Sword of the S. - Luo Lang's Katana [link]
:star: Soul Eater - Excalibur and Dragon Ball Z - The Z Sword [link]
:star: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - Syaoran Li's Sword and Code Geass - Li Xingke's Sword [link]
:star: The Vision of Escaflowne - Sword of Fanelia and Fushigi Yugi - Hotohori's Sword [link]
:star: Saiyuki Gaiden - Cho Hakkai's Katana and Samurai Seven - K. Okamoto's Katana [link]
:star: InuYasha - Sesshomaru's Sword and Zombie Loan - Chika Akatsuki's Katana [link]
:star: The Story of Saiunkoku - Seiran Si's Sword and Code: Breaker - Shibuya's Katana [link]
:star: H. Toki no Naka de Hachiyo Sho - Yorihisa's Katana and Zero no Tsukaima - Gandalfr [link]
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